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Have you ever thought that painting things by code with ansi escape codes was too tedious? Of course not. But here you are, aren't you?

With this tool you can paint in pure text and glorious 4 bit color. If the screen messes up,make sure the program is full screen and press "d". Then you can see all the controls by pressing "h". Good luck.

If you plan to use the files elsewhere , here's how they are structured (they're basically a text file but with a .ansi at the end):

  • First line : width of the "image"
  • Second line :  height of the "image"

Then you will find triplets of codes,they each correspond to a character and they are ordered from left to right and from top to bottom 

  • First code : background color ansi code
  • Second code : the actual character
  • Third code : foreground color ansi code  

Make sure  that if you access the file your input stream or whatever is set to UTF-8 encoding.

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