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- Very short horror game made for a bug themed jam -

Press ESC to lock / unlock the cursor.

Wanted to explore a lot of things but alas, jams are finite. I put most points on atmosphere, as my main goal for this was to try and evoke what I felt going through the rot part of Dark Souls 3 snow DLC.

That made it kinda of hard to keep up with the visuals of the first level in the next ones, but oh well. Might expand on this a little bit since I do have a bunch of bug ideas I want to try. But for now ... I rest ...

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Tagsbugs, Horror


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i like this game a lot and i like the atmosphere, i want a full release of it if possible.

Good game! Gave me a new fear of bugs that I never thought I would experience. The second area was a bit of a crawl to get through but it was still an enjoyable experience!

Legit get the creeps when the bugs stared crawling on my face. really cool mechanic to show your health.

nice game!

Hi I've made a walkthrough of the game and wanted share it with you in case it is useful to you in any way ^^ also I would like to give you some feedback :D

-First of all congratulations, the game feels pretty well rounded and interesting to play through ^^

-There was a part that looked like a mine where I got a little bit lost when trying to continue in the game since I felt like I got stuck on a loop.

-The visuals are quite great but I'll say that maybe adding some extra lights on the "flies" level could make the game a little bit more readable in that part since I like the very dark/low brightness setting I was using but that part felt a little bit "saturated" visualy in that regard.

-I liked the gameplay mechanics and the design of the enemies, I could actually see this turned into a longer game with a "dungeon crawler" aproach while keeping that atmosphere ^^

This was quite the experience. 😅 The only things that I would note is that the reload could be a tad faster and I think there may have been a issue on the last level where some of the flying insects were already dead.

Gregetan mainnya apalagi bagian telur lalat banyak banget. Jijik lagi banyak serangga, untung ada senjata kalau gk ada menerima nasib aja

It takes a lot for me to be freaked out by pretty much anything in horror games, but BUGS ?? NOPE !! Extremely well done and very fun little bug shooter. Hopefully we get more !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Everyone's worst fear lol

There are so many bugs dude, I think I'm going to have nightmares! 

While I was hoping for the best going into this game, I was ultimately disappointed after seeing it so hyped up by the reviews. While it isn't a bad game technically speaking, as the art and aesthetics of the game are nice, the actual gameplay itself leaves much to be desired. For starters, there's no way to change your mouse sensitivity or edit other settings. In fact, there's no settings menu at all. The game is also ridiculously dark, making it difficult to see much. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but in the second to last level you have to simply sit and wait for something to happen, which is confusing when you aren't sure why the game won't progress.

I'm gonna frow up. Bugs and I can't be friends, sorry! I love the visuals, the sound design is very good. I love your utilization of environment for showing off the game's controls, and being gracious with endless bullets. I didn't find it too hard and that's a win in my book as someone who cannot aim lol. Linked at the time I played!

Definitely not for the faint of heart if you're squeamish with bugs. I applaud the concept.

Good short horror game!


Great atmosphere! And a really cool, INTERESTING speed. What a great way to make the environment feel THICK, like I was wading through it. You should be really happy with this one.

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Here's our coverage of this game. Hoping to see a full version of it.


such a fun game to play

Hey friends! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game! 

Gave it a Let's Play, criticisms and feedback within - needs less flies in the 2nd area, a lot less flies/eggs! Overall, as you said in the store page, environment/atmosphere were good and I could tell. 

great game, couldn’t finish it tho because it was to hard and I also played it with my sister! We swapped turns in the game and she couldn’t even beat it anyways loved it 


The nest with fly eggs was so sick! i want more of this!

loved it, but i wish i had a flashlight soo i can see the creepy crawlers coming


dawg wheres da full scree

There are a lot of great ideas in this one 👍 I love the pacing and innovative (not to mention gross...!) take on displaying player health... 🤢

I hope you do expand on this. I was thinking during my playthrough just how much of a dynamic shift it would be for the player to run that whole gauntlet, then be rewarded by picking up a new gun which is... just another pistol, but it holds a few more bullets this time; an absolute godsend given what they'd just been through. But then they find that the enemies have suddenly gotten tougher...

ughh creepy crawlers ! great stuff

Full Play NO Commentary 

From the instant the first insect appeared, a shiver ran down my spine... it was a monumentally unnerving experience. It's unsettling and very scary, but still entertaining and keeps you on your toes at all times. Totally recommended. 

This game was too much for me!!! LOL. 

Good game

This was definitely an uncomfortable experience haha. Made me feel itchy for the first few minutes of playing. But not bad, definitely hard. Made a video on it.

This made me incredibly uncomfortable and I loved every second of it! The sound design is perfect and made my skin crawl, monster design is varied and always unsettling and I love your graphical style :)


Very creepy game! I could hear the bugs in my head and they were giving me anxiety! Would love to know the story behind the bugs as well as to why we're there! Great job!




Very interesting atmosphere game. Good work. 



I could not talk regularly after the first time I got killed - this is such a brutal, in your face action horror, infestation of disgusting insects, which haunt you with their sound and oh maan! The sound design in this was raw, visceral, superbly done! I have no negatives to say about it - perfection!

Best of luck with the future games. Cheers! 


pretty cool! wish i couldve figured out how to fullscreen. I like the vibes


Was trynna get it to work properly on my 1366x768 screen, didnt work for me but you can fullscreen it by doing the following (works for any unity game):

1. Make a shortcut of the exe launch file.

2. Open properties of the shortcut.

3. In the tab "Shortcut" in "Target" write this at the end of the file path: -screen-fullscreen 1 (fullscreen) or -screen-fullscreen 0 (windowed)

4. Launch it.


Great idea and visuals. It's unnerving and creepy expecially with headphones on. The gameplay is too tedious with how long it takes to reload.

It should stay a short game because I don't think I could stand it for too long. I only got to the second level and I don't think I will go any further - killing off the nests and bugs is way too slow, and tedious and there is way too many of them in such a cramped space for this to be engaging. 

I would love to see this expanded a bit and improved. Nothing too crazy  - a bit more content, some additional features like another weapon and partial reloading for example. 

Looks dope! could u do a mac os export pls? 🙃

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how ever i like it alot not many horror game about bugs not that EDF lol 

hope you made the long one,  i'll buy it for sure