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A smol game made for a jam. You herd boids around in order to get more boids. Beware of the red bad boids.

▲The Pink Flock is your standard and cheap flock
▲The Orange Flock is your more expensive aggressive and speedy flock 
▲The Green Flock collects food more efficiently than clicking if placed near food sources
▲The Blue Flock is the most expensive, it spawns tiny boids that ram into enemies

In order to unlock more flocks / expand max flock size you have to bring more spawners home (the -looking things)


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Linux.zip 29 MB
Windows.zip 29 MB


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This one was very intriguing. There's a satisfying kind of "Von-Neumann probe" feel to the continued exploration and expansion. I couldn't figure out how to set my boid groups to follow the mothership, which made repositioning that feel a little fiddly; but overall the controls were simple and easy to figure out.

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I liked the UI and overall graphics of this game and it’s very relaxing. But whenever I switch flooks I see the red baddie go big and the game crashes for some reason

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU: AMD FX-8350 (8 core)

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series (2GB)

Memory: 16 GB Single-Channel DDR3

Uuuuh that's weird.Does it happen late in the game or can you cause this in the beginning?