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A patient came in. It's an urgent case, as the hallucinations of psychics become frighteningly real the more ill they fall...

Ludum Dare 49 game, based on the "unstable" theme (unstable patient / unstable mind). I wanted to do a lot more with this one but couldn't make it in time. It would have also helped if I didn't waste a whole day doing nothing lol.

Controls :

LMB : pick up / place things

A/D : change perspective

SCROLL : inject or release fluids

TUTORIAL: (since I didn't manage to include one in time, don't read if you wanna figure it out on your own) :

There are four spots on his body (left/right chest, head, belly) and each spot has different amounts of the 4 liquids. When you take the 4 pronged ticking syringe and "fully extract" in a spot, it will tell you which fluids are not balanced. A face will spin to face the indicator arrow, and then will shake more or less violently depending on whether that fluid is balanced (more shake = more imbalance, either above or below desired level). You can dump excess liquids in the syringe holders. Every once in a while you will hear a spooky sound, if it is low pitched there are still unbalances, if it is high pitched the balances are near right. After you hear two of the "you pass" sound the patient is healed.

Models and textures were made from scratch, the shader is adapted from some shaders I'm working on. Sounds and music come from (are hacked together from) some Sonniss packs.

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