Update 0.4

Version 0.4

+ Optimizations
--- If your game used to stutter when you dug out blocks now it shouldn't
+ New item/mechanic
--- Map! You can now build a map in the fabricator and use it from the inventory.
--- Once activated it will keep mapping the terrain around you even if it is closed.
--- You can go up and down using the dpad or the scrollwheel
+ Shop now shows which items are missing
+ Shop item cost balances
+ New decorations
+ Some Ai fixes
+ Crater now looks like a crater
+ Mineral distribution changes
+ Harmless bugs
+ Death screen
+ More sounds
+ Walking is more responsive
+ Shipwrech now looks like a shipwreck
+ Working on last zone
+ Final boss soon

I would also like to publish this game on steam, and I will probably make a kickstarter in order to pay the publishing fee. Stay tuned if you're interested! It will probably happen when I'm done with the last zone and general polishing.


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Mar 18, 2018

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