0.5 Game re-balance and stuff

After watching some playtests I've made some changes (hopefully for the best) and fixed that should make the game easier to play:

  • Generally slowed down and rebalanced all levels
  • No more click and drag for changing directions, just click.
    • Upgraded intersections also work like this, if you click and hold one the color wheel will show up. 
  • Instead of having the trains start after a  timer, there's now a "Go!" button.
  • Doubled train delay window.
  • Reduced size of clocks.
  • Added option for full screen.
  • Fixed weird track behaviour when building near stations.
  • Fixed level transition for different aspect ratios.
  • Fixed trains not dying and  getting stuck in limbo when exiting a station with wrong tracks in front.


train-train-train-windows.zip 22 MB
Version 0.5 May 11, 2020
train-train-train-linux.zip 23 MB
Version 0.5 May 11, 2020

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