0.6 Editor overhaul, level sharing, experimental android version

The editor is now more human friendly than ever! You can edit the rules of a level with relative ease and with less typing. Levels are now easily shareable: from the editor select "Save as" and then "to clipboard" and pronto, you have a copy-pasteable text that can be converted to a level either from the editor or from the main screen.

Minor things and bugfixes:

  • Cranes have new sounds and animations
  • Added 5 new levels
  • Fixed progress loading bug
  • Fixed UI scaling for some UI things
  • Further level balancing
  • Added "Retry" button


train-train-train-windows.zip 22 MB
Version 0.6 May 17, 2020
train-train-train-linux.zip 23 MB
Version 0.6 May 17, 2020
Train Train Train.apk 18 MB
Version 0.6 May 17, 2020

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